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Tuesday 18 - 01 - 2022

Governor hoists National Flag at Raj Bhavan


Governor hoists National Flag at Raj Bhavan

Hyderabad, Aug 15: Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan has unfurled the national flag at the Raj Bhavan, here, on Saturday, as part of the 74th Independence Day celebrations.

The Governor greeted all the officers and staff members at the Raj Bhavan and conveyed happy Independence Day greetings to them.

The Governor along with her husband Dr. Soundararajan and other family members took part in the celebrations.

Earlier, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan performed special puja at the Raj Bhavan temple on the occasion.

She personally went to the staff members, standing in their positions as part of the social distancing norms, to greet them and obliged requests for photographs with the staff of different wings at the Raj Bhavan.

Governor advisors retired IAS officer APVN Sharma and retired IPS officer AK Mohanty, Secretary to Governor K. Surendra Mohan, IAS, Joint Secretaries J Bhavani Shankar and C N Raghu Prasad, Liaison Officer Ch. Sitaramulu and other staff members took part in the celebrations.


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